The Lord (return)

Resonance 104.4 FM 9 – 10.30pm.

SO here we are – the culmination of The Lord‘s pyloncast project and the superb follow-up pieces to Parts 1 & 2 which were broadcast a few weeks back.

The arcane, the bizarre, the lost and the beautiful paradoxically clash in a smooth time-warping flow – genuine collage that remains coherent within it’s own warped parameters. If there’s one thing you can nail, one thread that ties all this noise together then it’s a sense of space. These selections like The Lord’s own music and interruptions always leaves room to breathe…

BUY: Jesuit Trifle Syndrome here.

The Outer Church & Sone Institute Pt. 1

Playlist to follow shortly…

Live Lata this Friday night

9pm Resonance 104.4 FM Friday 16th November

To celebrate the release of Lata’s debut album Starlings, Jacob Burns will be performing a very special live set in the studio and we’re giving away a free download from the album (see below).

Regarding transmission, Jacob explains:
Friday’s live set will have as its basis a series of loops taken from an audio archive that my Father recorded throughout my childhood – capturing the changing voices of our family on birthdays, holidays and special occasions. However, instead of being an attempt to recapture a bucolic past, this archival exploring is more interested in the way in which the vitality of this familiar thing is made unfamiliar in its redeployment, unhomed.

To whet your appetite, you can download the track Queensbridge from Starlings here for free!


P Jørgensen live with The Outer Church 09/11/12

Resonance 104.4 FM 9 – 10.30pm

As I have testified many times, Low Point is up there with the best of UK labels – a haven of contemporary ambience explored through an endless prism of different perspectives. To celebrate the release of his incredible new split LP with Low Point supremo Gareth Hardwick (check here) we’re thrilled to be presenting a return live performance from the extraordinary P Jørgensen whose contribution to the album finds him shifting into an edgy sublime modern concrète.

That’s only half the story though as tonight we’re equally thrilled to hand the reigns of the show over to Joseph Stannard aka The Outer Church. You should all know Joe by now anyway after he presented the first 2 wonderful shows of this latest season of Exotic Pylon and i’m not going to even hazard a guess at what uncanny delights he’ll throw your way BUT you really should check out The Outer Chruch blog linked above as it is by far one of the finest things on the web.



Friday is the day of The Lord

Resonance FM 9 to 10.30pm

On this weeks show we are thrilled to present some strange and beautiful mixology from The Lord in 2 parts.

“Cracked yer headplate right open with a three week old donner. Dribbling down your braintubes to mainline your exoskeleton with a backstreet bric a brac store choc full of dead pensioners clothes. You ain’t never been anywhere quite like this before.” (Daniel Baker).

You can purchase a copy of The Lord’s most wonderful Jesuit Trifle Syndrome in Chinese takeaway bag from here and grab the magnificent Collision/Detection v3 via Front and Follow from here.

APPENDIX A: Actually I want to say a little more about these, both of which have been aired before via podcast. For a brief time I was commissioning mixes for the show when it was being run as download only thing in-between stints on ‘real’ stations. After hearing Getting Off The Meths, The Lord’s debut album I got in touch and asked if he would be up for doing a mix. I always tried to emphasise with everybody I asked that this was a safe space to go out there and do things outside of their usual expected context. Since Paul Mill’s work as The Lord was already WAY way out there I really had no idea what to expect and equally gave him absolutely no guidance (he doesn’t need it anyway – he’s either omnipotent or aristocratic after all). What came back was a quite extraordinary mix of music by others and self-composed craziness under all kinds of made-up names, jumping from doo-wop to the avant-garde (in it’s classically-defined mode) to hip hop round utter madness to… well all kinds of things. Regular listeners to show will know that that’s how Exotic Pylon rolls anyway BUT this was / is different. There’s something incredibly coherent about these mixes despite their on-paper absurdity. The tone is consistent, the colour remains perfectly pitched with slight and subtle variations (if the colour aint right then the music aint working for me). They’re genuinely beautiful, surprising and feel…composed. They feel right as these long-from sculptures and as such the fragments melt away into one. I love Paul’s music and indeed his unique approach to sound (and his and his wife Alice’s wonderfully whacked-out approach to design) and the urge to try and get more people to hear was one of the reasons for me starting a label in the first place but the uncompromising and unexpected approach to composition means too many won’t listen. I love these mixes as they allow a slightly ‘easier’ path into Paul’s mad head which as you’ll see is a delightful place to stop and play for a while.

SofieFM tonight 9pm

9pm Resonance FM.

Sophie Cooper (as well as having the best blog title) writes songs that come in strange shapes and colours, wandering off at oblique angles and sometimes coming back again. Sophie is joining us in the studio tonight with a collection of things to play and may be previewing a few songs from her utterly divine forthcoming new album, of which more later.

Time Attendant and myself will bookend the proceedings in one way or another…

Psychological Strategy Board

This weeks show at 9pm Resonance 104.4FM will feature Psychological Strategy Board presenting a black hole of live mixing, found sound and improvised analogue electronics.

Twitter here.

Stream Shape Worship, mugwump and Snowdon

jonny mugwump
X-Ray By Throbbing Gristle
Chicken Pussy By Bongwater
Love Stepping Out By Disco Inferno
After Prom By Farrah Abraham
Native New Yorker By Odyssey

Shape Worship
Frederyck Stewart By Archie Pelago
Hare Krishna By Alice Coltrane
Realise By Old Apparatus
Observances By Shape Worship
Lost In Tokyo (Jacques Greene Remix) By Korless
Ruckzuck By Kraftwerk
My Love For You By ESG
Ethiopian Drumming By Trad.
Culture Clubs By Ital
Empty Seas By Shubhashish Golder

Paul Snowdon
Xxxx By Xxxx
Music For A Single Spring (Version 1 – 1 Spring From My Collection) By Hugh Davis
Xxxx By d
Gone, Just Like A Train By Bill Frisell

Shape Worship live DJ Set 05-10-12

Resonance 104.4 FM 9pm

Ed Gillett is a South London based producer who has been recording electronic music under the name of Shape Worship for the last couple of years. It’s hard to describe Ed’s sound – whilst obviously starting from a dancefloor sensibility (especially from 2-step and early 90′s techno) his compositions drift outwards into a richly melodic space that is emotionally complex and gloriously expansive. This is a very warm music that has a similar wide-eyed atmosphere and temporal dislocation to those beautiful early Black Dog Production 12′s. We’re really thrilled to have Ed performing a live DJ set on the show tonight – I can’t tell you what to expect but that’s the beauty of live radio right? I’ll pick up the slack.

Here’s a sample from the forthcoming Shape Worship EP Observances which can be pre-ordered from the Exotic Pylon shop.

Infinite Livez streaming

Eraserhead (pt. 2) By David Lynch & Alan Splet
Spermwhale Trip OverBuy By A.R. Kane
What This World Needs Now By Cooly G
The Sun Hurts My Eyes By Alec Empire
Almost Sleeping By Laika
Healing Festival By Tim Buckley
Forgotten Shores By Greeen Linez
Live Performance By Infinite Livez
Joe By Scott Walker
Jesus On Mars By Jesus On Mars
Jump Back Honey Jump Back By Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps
Up Chopped And Screwed By OFWGKTA
Tusk By Fleetwood Mac
Happy Heart By Andy Williams